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About Us

Our in-house brand UB+ is derived from the word “ubiquitous”, which means existing everywhere. We upsized the word with a “+”, which symbolizes our desire to constantly add functionality, quality and range to our products. With UB+, there’s always room for a “plus”.

Together, we put our different skills in sound engineering, product design and software programming to bring to you well-designed products with the most advanced technology at affordable prices to fit your lifestyle.


At TGI, we create innovative lifestyle product for a better sound solution


To understand what consumers need and provide the best design & mobility product to the masses


To deliver a lifestyle product & design that deliver mobility and good sound to the mass


Technology is just a tool, great people make it better


Once, the small compact and portable speakers had garner the attention from the audio industry, with the in-built rechargeable batteries which work comparably well with portable device. Despite the mobility feature, those speakers do not deliver great sound quality.

As compared to traditional speakers which has great sound quality but yet require a larger size and weight, consumers tend to look for alternative solution...

“Why do consumers tend to give up better sound quality?

Do mobile applications cause changes in human habits?” are questions surrounding us when designing our products

Combining the beautiful sound quality of traditional sound with the modern mobile application has become the research and development mission of our products.

Although the traditional speaker has a beautiful sound quality, it also requires a larger volume and high density cavity strength. While the spherical design has the best sound propagation and high -intensity structure, our Eupho series enjoy the best of both worlds.

Spherical speaker has maintained its aristocratic status in the traditional audio segment, while the complex production process that produces the beautiful sound Costs a premium to consumers.